Thursday 1 September 2016

How to save a single page from a PDF

We all scan lot of documents and save it in bulk as PDF. But at times, we need just one single page from that big PDF which might have about 15 to 20 pages. How to do that? Today I faced one such confusion. Inspite of me have done that earlier, I could not remember it. But suddenly it dawned upon me as to how to go about it. The first thing to do is, open the primary browser in your system. I have Chrome as my primary browser and so I opened it and opened the PDF which automatically opened in a new tab in Chrome.

After opening it, I clicked on the print option and in the printer changed the printer to save as PDF and while doing to you can save every other page individually. Thus making it easier for you to save each and every single page. 

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Aamlicious festival at Rajdhani a delight to tongue, heart and mind.

As a food blogger, I was invited for a bloggers meet at Rajdhani for their annual #Aamlicious festival #MangoFest happenning #OnlyatRajdhani. Wondering why this post is in this blog rather than in my food blog It is for one simple reason, that this post is a review post and I prefer to have my review posts here in this blog.

Thanks for the intro by my blogger friend Jofy Abraham of Foodie Adam Cookie Eve.

It was kind enough of Mr. Noel Fernandes of Bloomingdale Public Relations to send a personal invite via mail.

"Khandani Rajdhani 's 'Aamlicious  Festival' at Phoenix Market City, Velachery, Monday 9th May at 12 noon".

Though the mail stated that the invite is for two, I had to take both my kids aged 15 and 11 and they were kind enough to accommodate both of them. It will be unfair if I do not describe it right from the moment we stepped in till the moment we stepped out. As Mango is king of fruits, the bloggers were also treated as kings. Not only the bloggers, Rajdhani is famous to treat all its customers royally. This is not my first visit to Rajdhani. Had been to their outlet in Escape Avenue with friends a few many times, but this is the first visit to their restaurant in Pheonix Market City, Chennai and that too during their #Aamlicious festival and more so as a blogger than as a customer. 

As I was asked to meet the manager, I had to pause at the entrance, unfortunately the door keeper could not understand English. For that case most of the people who serve do not understand English or Tamil (I think this needs a definite look out by the management). We were then introduced to the session manager, who inturn took us to their Marketing manager who was having a chat with another blogger cum food columnist. We were welcomed with a tikka in our forehead and son was super thrilled by that welcome.

We were seated at a convenient place and then started the fun. Thali was placed in front of us with lots of cups mostly in the same shape and size but a few in a different size. As we were invited for the #Aamlicious festival food, I was given an intro in the mail as to what to expect:

"Kairi Chana Dal Dhokla, the inventive Kairi Samosa Sabzi, lip-smacking Mango Kofta Pulao, exoticMalabari Mango Kadhi and the regional delicacy Mango Pachadi. Evergreen favourites like the Mango RaitaFajeto and Aamrakhandhold a place of honour. There’s the Mango Jalebi for all those with a sweet tooth. And of course, the jewel in the crown, the majestic Aamras will remain the highlight of the thali."

But as mentioned there was a rotation of dishes and here is the menu card for the day.

Every thing was served to us after explaining in detail and we started feeling kind of full just after the starters itself. But a small stroll towards the display table where all the dishes were displayed gave us a bit more space (Yes when it comes to mango or dishes made of mango, every one's stomach will pave way for more). 

The chef posing with the array of dishes he had prepared for the day. 

The highlight of the starter was Kairi Potli and Kairi Chilli Samosa. Both were delicious. Inspite of using small chillies, the stuffing made it less spicy. The stuffing was potato and crumbled paneer combined with raw mango for the tangy taste. 

Aamras was served with Poori. But we had other side dishes too to go with Poori and kids cant stop with just a cup of aamras and they kept asking for more. 

No we were not served Aamras in this big glass but only in cups but they never hesitated to serve us more when asked for second and third helping. The Aamras the highlight of this #Aamlicious festival was not diluted mango drink that we get in juice shops but thick pulp with no additives. It is definitely heavenly taste and one should not miss it. 

Something different was the mango dal batti. I usually make mango dal at home, but having baatis in it is an innovative idea. Chunks of mango combined with mushy dal and sheets of baati tasted right for a light side dish along with the different rotis served. 

The south Indian delicacy sweet and sour mango pachadi also takes a place in the #Aamlicious festival of Rajdhani, The blend of sweetness, tanginess and sourness is perfect and the dish tastes just right how it is made at home. (They also gave a box of this as a take away along with a box of Aamras).

Slices of ripe mango dipped in a thin batter and soaked in sugar syrup was a new dessert and it tasted good though cannot eat more than one piece. 

 The drinks include Aam Panna and Mango Lassi. 

Another new dish that we got to taste was Aam Ki Launji with Kobra Roti. As the taste was different and new could not remember much of it or its taste. 

 Poori was served with Aamras as per the tradition. The pooris were fluffy and puffy and remained puffy for a long time. Was not oily too.

The mango pulav as it was named was another innovative dish. The jeera rice is mixed with pieces of semi ripe had mango pieces. That gave a new taste to the pulav and it was served with raw mango raitha. What a combination.

This raw mango pachadi was also called as mango kadi by the chef and his men. 

The Thali that was served to us. 

The complete spread. 

You might wonder after reading this why I have not posted this earlier even though I had visited on 9th of May, the reason is lot of personal commitments. But the feast was royal and so was the taste and it struck to the heart and mind and the pictures were perfectly captured in my mobile. 

We happy gave three bongs when we stepped out after our sumptous meal. Thanks to Rajdhani for this wonderful feast and also to Bloomingdale PR for arranging such wonderful lunch session. The ambience of the restaurant - amazing; lighting - pleasing. But one small suggestion when a feast like this is arranged for bloggers it would be better if that entire session is dedicated only for bloggers so all the food bloggers get a chance to interact with each other. 

To know more about the Rajdhani restaurants: 

Facebood: Rajdhani Thali
Twitter : Rajdhani_Thali

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Women and Girls Beware

Offlate the mobile phone users have gone up in larger numbers. Parents get a mobile basic or smartphone for their school going kids who are in their class 10 or 12 to keep track of their whereabouts. But all troubles start when the kids start getting anonymous calls or messages. These kids are given not post paid mobiles but prepaid mobiles to control their talking. So only for a reasonable amount the talk time gets recharged and there are lots of plains in prepaid option too.

But that is not the case which I want to warn people about. As the numbers are prepaid numbers, for a smaller amount recharging is done in many shops and the people who go to recharge their numbers are asked to write their number in a note book. But the chances of misusing the number have gone up in larger numbers.

The shop keeper or the young men working in the shop either give anonymous call or send messages to those numbers, and if there is a whatsapp they add the number to their phone and start tracking the pictures.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Learn to use online facility for recharging, or recharge in those shops which ask the customer to type the mobile number in their phone. Avoid recharging in shops that ask you to write the numbers in a note book.

In your whatsapp, keep the online status, and photos viewable only by the conatacts that you have added. 

Friday 15 April 2016

Summer Vacations

‪Here comes the next topic of thought to ponder. Summer classes. Summer especially in Chennai is definitely to be time to chill out not to move around. Agreed but what is the fun in enrolling the kids into various classes. Come on parents give the kids a break. I really relish the summer holidays even now spent with my grand parents and cousins. Playing different board games, sleeping a bit late but not very late. Eating delicious meals and at times grand ma giving us food in our hands with some stories. Grand pa teaching us slokas, and English all are lovely memories.

We await travelling to Chennai from Erode or Tirunelveli. Whenever we came from Erode the destination will be Chennai Central and I remember memorizing the stations enroute. Mostly we travel in the night trains, get down in the morning. It is fun to look out of the window to see my mamas waiting to recieve us and waving franctically to them when we spot them. Hopping into the yellow and black ambassdor taxi and going to Adayar house via the Napier bridge is still fresh in my memory. I also remember counting the number of semi circles though I dont remember exact number now.

Hugging grand ma is another pleasant experience. She always smells heavenly with a combination of Cutticura, Mysore Sandal and Kasturi Manjal. Grand pa always welcome us with a big smile and he used to be too cute in his office dress and after his retirement in his Panchakacham.

Had always looked forward to spend time with my cousins and we definitely had fun. What we did not do is to be asked rather than what we did. Played, danced, sang, fought then hugged, slept all we did together.

And I am sure all the people who were kids in 70s and 80s will definitely agree to all the above experiences of mine. Are we giving the same kind of experiences to our kids. We are putting them in summer classes thinking that they need them. Ofcourse they need to get to learn a lot of things but not at the expense of crubbing off their happiness. Having fun with grandparents and learning things from them and having fun with cousins and enjoying the summer holidays is definitely a different experience by itself. Also playing with friends is another experience though now a days there are not much open space still kids find place to play cricket or hide and seek or some other game that can be played outdoors.

Putting them in a coaching class for the same or for any other classes like Tennis or other sports ofcourse teaches them nuances of the game but I dont think it gives them fun. I might be wrong too but it is just my thought. I prefer doing things at home with kids like painting, or drawing or doing some other craft work than putting them in any class.

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