Wearing Sarees

Today's generation including me, feel so much of comfortable in wearing Salwars, Chridars and Jeans(I cant wear one due to my tummy, but I wear Stretch pants). But I had always loved the various designs, materials of sarees. Especially sarees made of cotton but give a rich look are my love. But as Salwars are more comfortable to wear when working, I dont want to invest much in sarees.

But yes, when a girl/lady/woman wears a saree she always looks like Mahalaxmi (comments all old ladies in our apartment); she looks like an angel (comments all my friends who are boys); we are forced to give more respect to those ladies who work with us who wears sarees (comments my male collegues);

When I got engaged my mother was so insistent in me practising wearing a saree almost the entire day (). I got into such a spin and I said no way. But she again said you have to wear sarees only. Forget all your salwars. You can wear it when you come over here. Your inlaws might say something. Paati is also there so you should only be wearing sarees. But I escaped , want to know how? I asked my MIL whether I could wear Salwars at home? She said no. . Again I got the shock of my life. I was unable to come out of it. She waited for a few mins and she said, yeah you could wear whats is there? My daughter is wearing Jeans etc at home in US. In that case why cant you wear Salwars. There is no objection from my side. I was so thankful and infact the first gift my husband gave me was also a Salwar suit. I felt so releived. But my MIL said, I would be happy if you wear a saree on function days and when you attend marriages etc. and nine yards when we do Poojas at home. I still follow that.

Though all these are there, I am always a bit afraid to wear saree as I had to carry my son at times and if not tied and pinned properly there is always a chance for the entire thing to come off.. But still as I said earlier, I love to collect sarees of various materials and show them off to all.