How to destress yourself

1. Lean on other people:
Take help from other people. Have some one close to you to whom you could go when in need of. If you have got a shoulder to lean upon and to cry, it helps you to tone down the body's physical response. But make sure that you choose the right person for doing this, those who are always moody or always depressed are not the right person. Look upon to someone who is quite cheerful and who is understanding and who will listen.

2. Throw away unwanted things:
Dont store old magazines and papers, if you dont have time to read them better dont buy them; and throw away those old receipts and tax returns you no longer need. Clutter-free surroundings will help prevent the frustration of not being able to find something you need, and give you the assurance that you will get what you are looking for.

3. Donot rush:
To go anywhere, even to catch a train leave the house well in time., Even if you wait at the railway station for some time it will make no harm. Have ECS payments for all your payments of bills and insurance premiums. Set reminders in your mobile or in your PDA or write in a planner as soon as you get it all the birthdays and wedding days and if you have the habit of sending cards keep stock of them whenever you see some good ones that you like. If you have the habit of sending online cards, whenever you are free you could create them and postdate them and it will be sent automatically.

4. Maintain a diary:
Write down all that you have done on a daily basis if possible or atleast whenever you feel stressed up. Writing is also a great way to relax and put things into perspective.

5. Get organized:
Have a place for bills, paperwork, letters. Store items you use most often in accessible places. Spend five minutes straightening your office or main living area at the end of the day. Keep a long-range calendar and a short-range to-do list. Check off items as you finish them.

6. Get a massage or do Meditation:
Massage not only relaxes tense muscles, it decreases the level of stress hormones in the Studies show that massage can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Learn meditation and practice it well to relax not just physically but also mentally.

7. Chop your to-do list in half:
Write a to-do-list. But prioritize all those important things and categorize all that you have on your list into most important and least important ones. And do the most important ones immediatly and learn to get things done if possible.

8. Carve time for yourself:
Give importance to your own self. Schedule time for relaxation and exercising. If you have a hobby allot some time for it. A warm bath will relax you very much. When you are alone spend your time reading or listening to music you love instead of just thinking about something.

9. Avoid crowds:
Whenever possible home order your groceries and vegetables and medicines. Do shopping on a week day's night for the next week instead of week ends as most of the shops have heavy rush during the week ends.

10. Laugh:
When you laugh, you are using just 14 muscles of your face but if you frown or get angry then you are using more 94 muscles. So it is better to laugh and smile which allows you to keep your face wrinkle free. If you laugh for 20 seconds, your body gets the same amount of oxygen, good for stress relief , as it does in three minutes of aerobic exercise. It's nearly impossible to stay tense while you're laughing. Read and share jokes.