Son's School Admission

The 11th of Feb dawned with lots of tension and expectations as to what is going to happen after the interview.

Interview? Yes, Interview for admission of son into LKG.

Though daughter is also studying in the same school, and the admission could be got for the second child also with ease, while submitting the application form, the teacher incharge have warned that it all depends on how well he does in the interview with the LKG teacher. Also while getting the application form when I was chatting with the other parents, I found out that most of the kids are very much older than my son. Almost an year older than him!!! Whew!!!

There was hardly a month a for the date of interview. We didnot teach him anything. We didnot want to specially prepare him for the interview. Daughter and both of us were just talking to him casually about colours fruits and vegetables. But was totally unsure as to what he will remember and what he will not remember.

Both of us along with son went to school. We had to wait till they call us. Though we waited just for 5 mins, it seemed too long. We were called inside and asked to sit in front of two teachers who were having a large tray full of vegetables and fruits. Some animal figurienes were also placed on the table. Even before the teacher could ask what is what, he started picking up each and every vegetable and started naming them. He even named the animals correctly. He found a second apple and he gave it to his father and said that this apple is for Akka. We were so surprised to see him tell the names of grapes, banana, papaya, horse, dog and cat without hesitation. There were a few biscuits and he asked the teacher can I take it and when she offered he said THANK YOU. The teacher looked awestruck.

He got selected and admitted into LKG. Now it is time for us to train him to potty and to ask the teacher for water and snacks whenever needed. Keeping my fingers crossed as to how fast he is going to learn these.


Gurusnc said…
Hai....That was an interesting blog..Keep posting...Priya
My Own said…
Hi Priya,
Thanks. Keep visiting my blog and commenting on them.