How to tie a madisar Iyer Style

Stand with your legs about 2 ft apart

1)Make 5-6 pleats( lengthwise) in one end of the saree. Depending upon the height of the person and also depending upon the waist width, increase or decrease the number of pleats.
2)Keep these pleats on your left (at the back) and hold it above ur waist line with ur left hand
3)Bring the saree around your body and make a knot at the right side in the front of your waist line.. DONT DISTURB the Pleats .. the pleat should comfortably dangle over the knot..
4)Bring it to the front and tuck one edge almost near ur right edge of ur hip and then again take it to the center and tuck it there
5)Make the pleat (width of the saree) and bring the whole saree to the back under your legs.
6)Tuck the saree at the back just in the middle so that it settles well.
7)Bring around the saree thro' your left after tucking the shorter edge slightly at your right.
8)Bring the saree around your body again.
9)Pass it on to your right shoulder arranging the border.
10) Bring the border around and tuck in the front.


Anand said…
This is really good, but also try madisar ready made saree.
How to tie iyengar style madisar ...instructions pls..