Home Remedies for cold and cough

Instead of intaking antibiotics it is always better to use home remedies for cold and cough. Most of the times, the common things that we see around us help us a lot.

1. Apply a paste of Turmeric powder on the forehead of the babies, kids or adults.
2. A paste of saffron (kungumappoo) could also be applied on forehead, feet, chest and the back to ease out the cold.
3. You could heat a beetel leaf (paan, Vethalai) and apply little vicks and put the leaf on the chest and back to ease out chest congestion.
4. Grind beetel leaf, tulasi (basil), Karpooravalli leaf and take a thick syrup and it could be taken to ease out sore throat and chest congestion.
5. Add half tspn of turmeric powder to 1/2 glass of warm milk and drink it to ease out cough and sore throat.
6. Heat some coconut oil with powdered camphor and allow it to cool down to a lukewarm state. Once there, apply the oil to the chest, back, nose, throat and forehead. The cold usually subsides after continuous application twice a day for about 2 days.
7. For adults with cold and cough, take ginger juice along with lemon juice in constant intervals to remove cold and cough.


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Among the many reasons for contacting cough and cold, when there is improper digestion, the food transforms into a mucus toxin and this circulates through the body and reaches the respiratory system, where it causes coughs and colds.