Iphone competitor - Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Reviews

All of us always have fancy for the iphone. There was a huge hype when the iphone was launched and people in India wanted to own that phone. Most of the Indians are gadget lovers. Infact one of my friends purchased a phone from Europe and he wanted to use it in India. He was so shocked to note that the phone was locked. He was searching all over the net to find a software to unlock his prized possession. Though finally he succedded after 3 months, till then it was a mere toy.

Atlast Iphone have come to India. It is still a locked phone marketted by
Airtel and Vodofone. If you are not a subscriber of either of these service providers, you wont even have the inclination to book a iphone with a new number (In India you cannot retain the same number for all the service providers).

But yes my favourite brand Nokia have launched its Iphone competitor model. It is Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. It is to be launched in India by November 2008. With a enduring 3.2 inches touch screen, and a memory of 8GB this phone is a real competitor when compared to iphone. The phone is enabled with a 3.2 MP camera. The phone is enriched with wi-fi and GPS. The phone comes with a 8GB micro SD card also for expandable memory (But cant be so sure whether this memory card is free in India). Whats more, the phone comes with a inbuilt hands free loud speaker and also regular 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio and the video players are also too fantastic that gives the name Xpress Music for this device. This comes for around Rs. 20,000.00 in India. Waiting for its official launch in November 2008.

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