Agasthiyar Falls

After Manimutharu, our next halt was at Ambasamudram to pack lunch for us. We got two meals and two packets of curd rice. Again the name of the hotel is Gowri Shankar(looks like our driver Mr. Shankar have taken a fancy for the name). We proceeded towards Papanasam hills. We had planned to Karaiyar dam and when asked at the checkpost they said that the boating at the dam is closed temporarily and so even if you go there you have to stand in the dam and watch the water. So we just didnot want to venture there. But we went to Agasthiyar falls.

On the way to Agasthiyar falls, we saw the hydro power plant that generate power using the water in the Karaiyar Dam.

Whew what a crowd!!! We just had to wait in queue to step to have a bath. I was surprised to see the less amount of water falling down as, as far as I remember there used to be more water falling down. On enquiry we were told that a rock have fallen down where the water flows down and they are making arrangements to remove the rock. Due to the huge crowd, we didnt get that much previlage to take bath for a long time and so we moved out quite fast.

On the way back to our car, there was an ice cream vendor and the kids wanted icecream. Just when DH handed over a cup to my son, from the tree up jumped a monkey stood before him still. Son was so thrilled to see a monkey so near and before we all could realize what is happenning, the monkey snatched the cup from his hand and ran away on to the tree. (We got son another cup). Infact we saw few monkeys snatching eatables even from the vendor inspite of their long and thick stick. Some monkeys were posing to the foreigners who were taking photographs. It was a real good sight to see.

After having our lunch, as we all felt that we didnot have that much dip in the water, husband asked shall we go back to Manimutharu again, but Mr. Shankar suggested that we go and dip ourselves in the Tamiraparani river that flows at the back of the Papanasam temple. We agreed and our next halt was at the temple.