Back to Home Sweet Home

We went back to the hotel, had our lunch, took some rest. By 4.30 we checked out and when I was ordering milk for the kids coffee for me and DH, DS who was standing with DH came running inside and fell down. Though I picked him up immidiatly only on coming to the table I found that he had a small cut in his head and it is bleeding. The waiter provided with a ice cube and I held it tightly wrapped in a hand kerchief on the cut area. Luckily the bleeding stopped in a few mins and he too stopped crying (Thrishi Kazhinjithu).

We went to the station in an auto and as usual had to lug our luggage to the third platform as some repair work is going on in the first platform. We were well before time. The train was in the platform and we were told that it will not be opened untill 5.30. Only on reaching the place opposite to the third Ac compartment we found out that there is another road, that comes close to the other end of the platform. So pls make a note of this, all those who are planning your trip, especially by the Ac and firstclass compartments to go out and come in to the station through that road. They are just laying that road and probably now it would have been completed.

The train started in correct time and our co passengers were elderly couple with a young girl and a man who had joined job recently. TT of that compartment was also our co-passenger. Ours was just near the entrance, and so the jolt was heavy (all of us slept with backpain).

The train was almost 45 mins late when it reached Tambaram and as we all were very tired due to the heavy shake of the train we arranged for a trolley with porter to take our luggage out of the station.

Here we are back in our home sweet home.