With the happiness that CSK won the semifinals, we started on 1st of June morning to the next destination Courtallam. Using the previous two days experience (that if you go early to the falls, you will get free place to take bath for a long time), we had asked Mr. Shankar to come by 6.00 in the morning. But as we were watching the match, we slept late and got up only by 6.30 and we hurried to Courtallam. We did enquire whether there is water in Coutrallam and we were told that as the monsoon have started in Kerala, there will be water in the falls. But when we reached there, we were told that the main falls is closed due to repair works being done in the rods and rails and we should proceed to the five falls to take bath.

When we reached five falls, it was almost 9.00am and as expected there was a huge crowd, and the water was flowing from only one section, that is the largest section of the falls. We had to stand in queue for our turn. Though we had our bath, it was not satisfactory. The water flow was also not that heavy.

Like in Tipparappu, here also woman have changing rooms but here they charge Rs. 3 per adult.

There was a shop selling spices and we got some spices at a real good rate. As I was afraid to carry much, all I got was a full package worth Rs. 100 which had 10 different spices all packed for 200 gms each. While going to the falls, we saw some boys selling Nungu and a fruitshop selling different kinds of fruits. After a dissppointing bath in the falls, we thought atleast let us taste the fruits of the hills.

We got some Mangusthan(there were six sections and each section tasted differently), Panner fruits(these fruits, if they are ripe are supposed to quench your thirst) and some hill mangoes(they were really of a different taste). The nungus were very big and 4 of them filled our stomach. The kids breakfast on that day was Nungu.

After coming down the hills, we went to the KasiVishwanathar temple in Thenkasi. The temple is neatly maintained and is very quite and calm. We had a very good darshan. The Rajagopuram of any temple is a wonder of architecture. If you stand under the gopuram, one could experience the heavy wind flow. As we had to wait for the car to come back from the workshop(we had a flat tyre and Mr. Shankar went to fix it though we had a spare), we witnessed that wonder. The wind inside the temple was very calm. The wind on the road was also calm but under the Rajagopuram, the wind blewed us away.