Day 2 - Part 1

Inspite of we telling the attendent to wake up at 4.00am in the morning, he didnot do it (planning to write a letter to Shri. Lallo Prasad Yadhav). But luckily I had set up alarm in my mobile phone, and it ringed faithfully. The engineer from Kalpakkam also have to get down at Tirunelveli so he had asked us to wake him up. We had the two lower berths and one middle berth. Daughter took the middle berth and we both took the lower berth. Son was shuffling between the two. Whenever he woke up he wanted to go to the other person.

We got up at 4.00 brushed our teeth and got out our things ready only to find out that the train is 45 mins late. Oh my God!!!! (You know something when you are out of your home especially when you are travelling, you will get hungry so much immediatly after you brush your teeth).

We thought that we will get coffee like we got milk the previous night. But for that we had to wait till 5.00. Luckily milk was also served the person who bought the coffee can so kids too had their cup of milk.
(Right from day one till we landed we would have had coffee and milk for the max of Rs.1500 will you beleive it? because every where we go those items are very costly. A small cup of milk costs Rs. 5.00 in train and Rs. 8.00 in hotels and if it is served in your rooms it is Rs. 9.00)

The train reached Tirunelveli station by around 5.20am. Got all the things down and called for the driver who is supposed to meet us with a placard at the entrance of the Tirunelveli station. Hubby's phone was going out of charge so I had to use mine and my handbag was bulging with so many items, which I simply grabbed and put in (medicine kit - which we used in the previous night, tissues and wet wipes which we used in the morning (dint have time to put into the bag in which we had packed them) ). We kept walking and kept talking. The train stopped in the platform 3 of the Tirunelveli Junction and we had to go to the entrance which is almost another half a kilometer walk down the entire platform. As my husband's mobile was loosing charge, and as he had to co-ordinate with the driver, I called up both the parents that we had arrived safely to Tirunelveli. After doing that I simply put my mobile into the available pouch in my bag. But lo it had fallen down. . Just as I realized I dont have my mobile in my bag, a girl called me from behind, akka unga mobile (sister your mobile). I had no words to thank her. We were crossing the tracks (they are doing some construction work in the platform).

We were just looking around for a placard, but nothing was visible. So husband called the driver's number again, and the person who was standing next to us responded and he is the driver for us the entire trip. He is Mr. ShankaraSubbu of Standard Cabs Tirunelveli, one of the famous travels.

Standard Cabs have their own cottages in Courtallam and Kodaikanal. You could arrange with them if you wish to stay there.

Our first place of visit is to Tiruchendur. Our main purpose of visit to down south is to do Vibuthi Abishekam for the Tiruchendur Murugan - Senthil Andavan. Will write about the experiences of Tiruchendur in the next post. In the mean time start your travel with me towards Tiruchendur.