Kallidai Kurichi

On our way back, due to my constant pressure, DH asked Mr. Shankar to stop at Kallidaikurichi and to my amazement, I shopped less and he shopped more. Just the time we entered the shop there came an consignment of Kai murukku (5 suthu seer murukku), made of coconut oil (hubby hates the smell of coconut oil). As I like that type of murukku very much we got only one (and on the way back DH finished off almost 3/4th of that piece and I just got a bit to taste). He also shopped for Kuzhambu Vathal(the one that have onions in it) for our home and also for his brother who is a great fan of that. Maraseeni appalam, Arisi appalam, 1/2 kg Murukku, 1/2 Kg Thattai (both made of coconut oil). I just got Aanai Adi appalam for us and my parents and rettai appalam(which is also famous in Tirunelveli). Daughter was teasing him that you were telling amma not to buy this and that but you have got so much.

As planned earlier Mr. Shankar had informed a staff in his travels to get us Halwa packets from the Iruttukadai as we will be leaving on monday and there is no shop on Sunday. It was ready and we were asked to collect it.