Kanyakumari - Part 2

After the ordeal at Vivekananda Rock, the kids were so tired and also started feeling hungry, it was around 2.30pm. So we went to have our lunch in a hotel just near the temple. Due to the warning from Uma, I was afraid to have rice so I opted for Naan and Roti and so did my kids. They love to eat Roti etc with a differnet side dish when they are out of the house. Husband had meals. I am happy I opted for chappati and roti. We also ordered Tomato soup.

After lunch we went to take some rest. The room was quite compact and it had all facilities. The balcony gave a great sea view. The room is a AC room and so we all fell asleep immediatly. But as we wanted to see the sunset, I kept the alarm at 4.30pm and woke up the others got ready to go. We had coffee and kids had milk and we went to the watch tower to see the sunset.

You could go to the watch tower from 5.30 in the morning to 7.00 in the evening to watch the sunset and sunrise and also to enjoy the sea. The experience was wonderful. Though we cannot view the sunset as there were clouds, the sea and the evening view was too good. The wind was very heavy and the water splashed on us even we were standing on the second level of the watch tower. There was spiral walk way that help us to climb to the top. The view from the top was too good. Take a look at the photos to enjoy the beauty of Kanyakumari in the evening.