Malarum Ninaivugal

We had watched the finals and we all were highly dissappointed due to so many reasons. This is the last day of the trip. We are leaving Tirunelveli to Chennai by Nellai Express. Though we have been organising things on all days, without leaving much to pack, we still had some things to pack. We packed every thing that is left(except the wet clothes that were hanging) and went for breakfast.

I wanted to show the house where we lived(ofcourse 20 years back) and also the school where I studied. So we took an auto (we had disposed the cabs the previous day after the Nellaiappar Koil trip) and went straight to MaharajaNagar Terminus(enroute showing the different colleges, the tennis court, stadium(where I participated in various sports events then) and the temple of that area). Like many other towns the place where we lived also had changed. There were even more houses and the park near our house was well maintained(when we were there, there used to be nothing in the park except junk). But the house remained just the same. As we didnot know who lived there we didnot go inside. Just took a snap from outside to show it to my parents.

Then we tried to go by the route which we used to take to go to our school, but the entire road was blocked and so we had to go by a differnt route. Daughter was so thrilled to see the school. The school which we studied(me and my brother) also had a facelift and all the asbestos class rooms are changed into concrete blocks. This school Sri Jeyandra Swamigal Silver Jubliee School was started by my Athai(aunt, my father's cousin). Though she is no more, her youngest son and eldest daughter are taking care of the school. As they are my cousins, they recognized me and we went around the school to show the class rooms where I studied. It bought back so many nostalgic memories. (If I had to write about them, then I need to start a separate thread for that).