Manimutharu Falls

Our visit on the next day was to Manimutharu dam and falls and to Agasthiar falls. Our first stop was at Manimutharu. We started quite early in the morning as we had planned to go up to the Papanasam dam too though we dropped the plan of going there later.

It was a great weather and greenery enroute to Kaalikesam, but here it was directly opposite. It was dry and trees have dried up and it was quite yellow.

We had to cross Kallikdaikurichi and Pathamadai to go to Manimutharu. Are you getting a click somewhere? Yes Kallidaikurichi is famous for its appalams, vadams and pickles. The entire movie of Gentleman was shot in the famous applam factory (where more than 100 women are employed. They are earning around Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7500 per month depending upon their skill. They work from 10.00am to 3.00pm, that is after sending kids to school and husband to work. They are back at home before the kids come). In the same way Pathamadai is famous for its Korai mats and Kalyana mats. Infact our marriage mats were also were made to order by my father from a person in Pathamadai with our names and marriage date inscribed.

Manimutharu dam reservoir also have Maanjolai estate and Mundanthurai tiger reserve forest. But the general public have access only to the Manimutharu dam and falls. Looks like the Maanjolai estate have a smilar weather that of Kodaikanal and Ooty. But to go there one should get permission from the RTO office in Tirunelveli, and the charge is Rs.450 (I am not so sure whether the amount is per head or for the vehicle). So we skipped going to that place and decided that we go just to Manimutharu falls.

The entire dam and the reservoir is a scenic beauty. To enter into the forest to go to the falls, there is a checkpost and you need to pay Rs. 10.00 for the vehicle and Rs. 2.00 per head. For all these they give you a receipt which you have to show while coming back. But they also charge you for the digicam or video camera you have for which no receipt is issued.

We had a nice time taking bath in the falls. The force of the falls was not so much as the monsoon havenot started in Kerala. But still it was so nice and there were not much of a crowd as we went quite early. But still you cannot enter into the forest not before 9.00am in the morning. The travel time from Tirunelveli to this place is 1 and a half hours. Before the water reach the dam, the water reaches a lake and it is quite huge. You could see waves lashing the shore of the lake. It was a beautiful sight to see.