Nelliappar Temple

We took some rest and went to Nellaiappar temple in the evening. Enroute we collected our Halwa packets. Only on reaching the temple, we came to know that it was Pradosham day. The abishekams were over when we went, and as the Lord and Lordess are coming around the temple, we were told that the archanais will be done only for Nandi. The temple has a very big white Nandi with the toungue thrusting into the nose. The archanai was done for the smaller Nandi in front of the sanctum sanctorum.

We had a good darshan of Nellaiappar and Kanthimathi amman. And we made the outer prakara pradakshinam which took nearly 45 mins to complete. It is a very big temple.

There is a Gubera Lingam Sannidhi outside Nellaiappar Sannidhi and on all Pradosham days, this Gubera Lingam is decorated with Sandalwood paste. It was a very beautiful sight to see. The Natarajar of this temple is also very famous. In the Durgai Sannidhi located near the Nellaiappar Sannidhi, you were asked to take the Kumkum in the right hand and it should be kept on the forehead using your ring finger of the right hand. You should not transfer the kumkum to the left hand to do this.

As Tirunelveli is nearer to Madurai, you get real big Malligaipoo(Jasmine). You can get the flower either in counts or in Muzham(one forearm length). The flowers are tied very closely and the muzham they put is equal to almost 2 to 2 and a half muzhams that is given by the Chennai flower vendors. Me and my daugther had the previlage of adoring our hairs with lots of Jasmine(thalai niraiya poo).

From there we went to Singapore shoppee to get some gifts for Mr. Shankar and his family. He have become a part of our family after being with us for 5 days. We bade him farewell and dispossed off the car too.