On our way to Kanyakumari

The next day that is on 28th May we started from Tiruchendur. Though we have asked Mr. Shankar to come back by 6.30 (he left the car in the hotel car parking and had been to Tirunelveli as he didnot inform his family that he will be away from home for the next two days, looks like he was not informed that we will be staying in Tiruchendur), he was able to reach Tiruchendur only by 7.15am. But we were ready (I have packed all the other stuff the previous day night, except those clothes that were hanging. That too was packed in the morning and the rope was removed and packed).

As we were beginning to get hungry (me and kids), we went to the restaurant downstairs and had our breakfast. I had Pongal and the kids had Idly.
(Pongalna athu Pongal. With Sambar and cashewnuts fried nicely broken into just half.... it was yummy. Infact probably I would have been the first person to eat that on that morning. It was very tasty and this is the best meal we had for the day.)
I managed to get some biscuit packets to use it in Kanyakumari. We had a gopura darisanam of the temple and started our journey towards Kanyakumari.

My husband's friend told us that the route from Tiruchendur to Kanyakumari is not that proper, so you have to touch Tirunelveli to go to Kanyakumari. But it was not the case so. A new pucca road have been laid and the distance between Tiruchendur and Kanyakumari if you travel by this road is just 89kms. It took us two hours for the entire travel.

Stepping into the car, me and the kids fell asleep (Pongal was the culprit) and I woke up after 45 mins. By that time I missed some of the beautiful scenaries enroute said Mr. Shankar. But after that it was real rice ride. The weather was also very pleasant all through. on the left side of the road, the beach and sea kept coming with us all along. On the other side of the road, we could still sea the devastations Tsunami have made. It was very hardening to see, that I didnt dare take photos even of the beautiful sea that came along.

We had to cross Kudangulam (the Atomic station that is to be set up in the southern Tamilnadu in this place). Here you could see lots and lots of windmills, that generate power. This power is sold to Kerala. Many of the big industries and industrialists own atleast one of the windmill, the cost of one windmill is Rs. 2 and a half crores.

We all had a merry laugh when my son just looked up and said, amma evvalo periya fan.