Sunset and Suchindram Temple

After viewing the sunset, we set out to go to Suchindram Temple. Even while travelling there was a light drizzle. But still we travelled and had a good Darshan of Thanumalayan Swami and also of Anjaneya.

Though I had been to Suchindram when I was young (some 20 years ago), I dont remember much of Anjaneya. My husband an adherent devotee of Anjaneya also had imagined him to be as tall as Nanganallur Anjaneya. But still he looked so gambiram and graceful.

They sold butter, panir bottles and tulasi maalai near Anjaneya. The butter is applied on Anjaneya and a little is given back as Prasadam. The panir abishekam is done for the tail and you could gather the panir that flows down in your hand and sprinkle on your head when you come around Anjaneya. The smell remained in our hand for a very long time.

As there was still some slight drizzle, we started back to Kanyakumari and we thought of having our food in room itself but we were told that we will get only Parota and naan. As husband wanted to have Idly or Dosai we had to go out. When in the room, we saw the beautiful lighting arrangement done for the Vivekanandar rock memorial and Tiruvalluvar statue, but as the angle from the hotel room was not that proper, I was unable to take a snap with the lighting. So we thought we could take snaps from near the temple. But when we went there, they have switched off the illumination and only a few lights were there.

We had seen a shop named Idly special near the temple and so we went there to have our food. But the food was hopeless. The idly was not baked properly and so was the dosai. It was literal paper. Chutney was bad and the sambar tasted worse. We just managed to gulp the food. But the kids found it hard. Luckily I had some fruits and biscuits and they had them and also the milk.

After food I just managed to make a jiffy shopping. I got some pens, chains and clips made of shells. I also got hand held mirror made of palmyra and a Pillayar made of coconut. Yes coconut. When shaken we could hear the sound of water inside. They make Pillayar and monkey carvings out of coconut. I being crazy of Pillayar got that. We went to bed early by around 9.00pm as we wanted to get up early to see the sunrise.