Tipparappu Falls

After packing the things, we checked out. Our first stop was to Tipparappu falls. It is a man made cum natural falls. If you plan to visit this place, go there as early as 7.30 or 8.00 so that you could have a nice bath before the crowd comes in. On our route to this falls, we had our breakfast at a hotel named GowriShankar on the outskirts of Nagerkoil. It was good. They had a bakery too where I replenished my stock of biscuits. The route to Tipparappu falls was too beautiful. The entire stretch goes up and down the ghats. One side of the road is lined up with rubber trees and the other side houses. When some village comes, the houses are to be seen on both sides of the road. On the downhill too there were houses and from the road only the first floor or the terrace is visible. They have constructed steps down from the road to go to their house.

All the houses were very huge. They had a combination style of modern and Keralite. Like the five falls of Courtallam, the Tipparappu falls also was divided into four segments. Two for women specially, with a slightly lesser force and the other two are quite forceful. The force of the water is also quite appreciable. We all had a nice time there as we went there almost by 8.00am.

The entrance ticket charge for going to the falls is Rs.2.00 and they also have a boat ride. The falls is built from the reservoir. They have a boat ride up the reservoir. They charge Rs.120 for 6 people boat irrespective of the number of people (even if you are 4 you have to pay Rs. 120 if you dont want two more people to come with you). We didnot go on that ride as daughter was feeling quite nauseated. But we all had a real great time at the falls.

There is a small pool constructed for those kids who dont dare to step into the falls. A park is also there for the kids to play. If you have some real good time, it is one of the best picnic spots around Kanyakumari.