The travel to Tiruchendur was a real scenic beauty all the way. The fist stop after we got into the car was at a hotel in the bypass road just opposite to the Law College of Tirunelveli. Though it was not tiffin time, they had coffee, tea and were preparing hot Vadais, both plain and Masala. Both me and husband wanted a good coffee, (the coffee we had in the train was not that good). So we asked Mr. Shankar to stop at a good coffee shop to have a cup of coffee. The coffee was good (though it cant match the home made filter coffee). We packed 4 of the hot masal vadais and started our journey. As we wanted to enjoy the morning weather, we asked Mr. Shankar to switch off the AC and had the windows down. The morning weather was so pleasant, and the kids enjoyed a good sleep for some time.

The entire stretch was lined up with Vazhai Thoppu (Plantains). We crossed the Kazhugu malai. Gopura Darisanam thaan. We kept moving as our Abishekam was scheduled at 10.00am. It was the first time for husband and kids to Tiruchendur, so husband wanted to have a good bath in the Tiruchendur sea (my mom have told him that the sea is very good to take bath and there will not be much of high tides). So he wanted to take a good dip. But it was highly crowded and so we went to the hotel room where we have booked.

The hotel's name is Mani Iyer Lodge, it is very close to the temple. The hotel have rooms and also a restaurant at the ground floor. The food is very good and so are the rooms. Inspite of us booking well in advance, we were told that there was a sudden rush of devotees from north and so all the double rooms are booked. If you dont mind we could give you the deluxe rooms. We were wondering what could be the difference!!!!! The double room costed Rs. 600 and the deluxe room costs Rs. 770.

We were quite amazed on seeing the room. It had three 3X6 beds so two adults and two kids could sleep very comfortably. The room was very spacious and so was the bathroom. Though they had a bathtub fitted in the bathroom, we dint dare step into it as there was no stopper to stop the water. They had fixed a 2 ton window ac for the room and the room was equipped with a colour television and a big cup board. They also do room service from their restaurant. The staffs were very kind. We all had bath and we ordered Idlies for the kids. The person who helped us to get the Abishekam tickets and all came to meet us and we were told to meet another person in front of a stall near the temple sharp by 9.30am. We were there at the time but the person who is supposed to meet us there was not there:confused:. We were wondering whether we are standing in front of the right shop.

Atlast by 9.50am the person came rushing and he ushered us inside and showed the small entrace where we are supposed to wait along with all others who are doing the abishekam. Some had prarthanais to do milk abishekam, some panchamritham, some panner and some had prayers to offer Vel and Kodi(these are available in the shops in front of the temple. These are made of wood and paper and cloth).

Some two other people also had prarthanais for Vibuthi Abishekam it seems. The ticket for Vibuthi Abishekam costs Rs. 100 and kids below the age of 10 get free entry and for adults it will be Rs. 100 per head to view the Abishekam sitting or standing quite close by. We had a real good darshan of the abishekams being performed. The Vibuthi Abishekam is the last one. Murugan is dressed with Vibuthi and it was a real lovely sight to see. Kann munnadiye nikkarar Murugan. The person who helped us with the Abishekams is also one of the Koil Pattars so he collected the Vibuthi and gave it to us. The Vibuthi smells heavenly. We sat near the temple for some time and headed for our room. As the kids felt sleepy, we ordered food in the room and the kids had their fill and went to sleep immediatly.

Did I tell you? I had carried two partition plates, two sets of Dabara and Tumblers, two cups for kids(to hold and drink), a rope to hang washed clothes.

The next job after coming to the room is to wash the clothes that we wore the previous day. Hung them by squeezing them to the maximum I could. By the time I finished washing, husband was sleeping soundly. I managed to squeeze in half an hour of sleep as we had planned to go to the beach and take a look whether atleast the kids could take a dip assisted by husband.

We got up by around 4.00pm and had a cup of coffee and Idly and started for the beach. Though the hotel is quite close to the temple, the walk from the hotel to the beach made us digest the Idly we have had. The kids had a real good time in the beach. The sand in the beach was very fine and as there was heavy wind, the sand started flying and it gets stick to the wet body.

We had asked for Sukku Karuppatti and there is one stall near the temple who specialize in Panai Sukku Karupatti which is too good for health. The person who was helping us in Tiruchendur took us to the temple (those who want the name of the shop and phone number pls pm me). It was very good. We got 1/4kg packets (total 2 kgs). And on the way back to the hotel room, we made some purchases. Oolai Paai(mat) pencil pouches and a small handbag for daughter.

We went back to the room, and again the ordeal of washing the wet clothes was there and after finishing it we all went to sleep. We had dinner of Idly, Idiappam. It was very tasty. We had a real sound sleep. The ceiling of the room was struck with glow stars and it glowed once the light was switched off.

The next day we started to Kanyakumari....


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