Vattapaarai falls

After crossing Daadikaranpatti the mountain road stretches and stretches and it divides into two at one juncture. One path leads to Kaalikesam and the other leads to Balmore estate and Vattaparai falls. I was telling details that I have read about Vattaparai falls in the net to my husband. And we thought of taking a bath in that falls.

So we took the route that goes to Balmore estate. After driving for a few mins we found a board teling that this is a dangerous place to take bath. We request not to take a bath here. Reading this we were just concerned as to what is happenning. When we went a bit further we could see lots of vans and cars. A van had just arrived and people were getting down and were taking down the things they had. They just started going into a opening and soon dissappeared out of sight. . A member of that group was the last to take some inflated tubes and go and we asked him where that route will take and how to go to Vattaparai falls. His cool reply was this is the route to Vattaparai falls. Whaaaaat?????!!!!!!????? we all exclaimed.

He asked us to follow him and soon he too disappeared into the path. We grabbed our backpack and camera and we too started going into the path. The grave mistake we made was to leave our chappals in the car itself and step into the path. Though there was a othai adi paathai, it was full of small stones and moreover both the sides were full of shrubbery wild thick shrubbery grown to our shoulder length. There were lots of different sounds coming from the shrubbery. My fear for snakes are well known amongst my family and my daughter was much worried and she kept assuring me that she will come with me.

After some around 5 mins walk down the path we reached a wide opening. Wow!!! was our first expression. It was a very beautiful scenery all around, Rocks on one side and greeneries on two side. The falls is falling down from a height of 60 feet on rocks and as the rocks doesnot provide standing space, it is not possible to take a bath in the falls. We dont know that (probably I have not did my research properly, I mused). And from the rock it falls down into a deep pitch which is again 90 ft in depth. Then the water flows like a small river. (Like the one in Kaalikesam, but here it is a bit more forceful). I dare not take any risk there but husband tried, he too got scared when he was unable to find holdings beneath his feet. (He have not learnt swimming).

But a few yards away, the water was just knee deep and he just had some dips there. In a small inflated tube, my son sat and he was thrilled by the ride in the tube. The tube floated along the flow of the water. He went almost 1/2 a kilometer in the river along with the flow. Husband followed him and we had to force son to come out of the water. We spent around half an hour in that place.

We saw two families who had come on a picnic. But we saw lots of youngsters coming in groups, catching fresh water fish, frying then and there and having it. Those youths tried to take a dive too. It is a dangerous place to venture into unless and untill you are a good swimmer. You should also know the place quite well. Those families told us that they come there once in a month on a week end.

We just climbed up again as fast as possible through the shrubbery. As we were told that we need to get permission to go to Balmore estate, we turned back enjoying the beautiful weather and the sceneries.