Cap seller and the Monkey!!

Hi Chutties,
Once there lived a cap seller who travelled to different villages to sell caps and make some money for his food and living. One day he was travelling in hot sun and he felt like taking some rest. He found a big tree which gave him enough shelter to rest. He kept his bag and started sleeping. There came the heros - Monkeys!!! They found something attractive in the Cap seller's bag!! Tell me what was there in the bag????___________.

The monkeys snatched the bag and looted all the caps and wore it. Every monkey looked so pretty with the coloured caps. The cap seller woke up and got shocked!! Tell me why???___________.
Then he had an idea to get those caps back from the monkeys!! He was wearing a cap and he dropped that to the ground!! The monkeys looked at it and they did the same..
The happy cap seller took all the caps and ran away with happiness!!

So what do you understand from this story????