Once upon a time there was an asura by the name of soorapadhman and he was making hell for the devas so all joined to-gether and went to kailasam and prayed to paramashiva and parvathy to some how help them get over this situation which was becoming too unbearable, both shiva and parvathi took pity on them and planned to give birth to subramanya their second son who would redeem their faith and help them over come this obstacle

Shiva bigets beautiful babies from his third eye from the forehead and there were six babies and they were seen floating on lotuses on the saravana pond

When both shiva and parvathi got into the ponds to hug the babies all the six bodies embodied as one with six heads and collectively there devas were able to have darshan of shiva parvathi along with skanda…

sage naradha came across a wonderful fruit so delicious to look so took it to kailasam to offer to the lord and both ganesha and skanda looked forward to take part of that fruit, and shiva was in a dilemma whom to give the fruit to. The fruit of knowledge cannot be had in halves so he puts in a request to them.

When both ganesha and skanda were adamant about having the fruit, lord shiva gave them a task that they should go around the world in a second and be back, the one who comes first will get the fruit.

The minute lord shiva announced this murugan got onto the peacock and started off his journey but ganesha thought for sometime and asked saint naradha aren’t our parents our world? To which saint naradha had no words,

so ganesha went around his parents and stood before them for the fruit,

Ganesha’s strategy was his parents were his world so once he has gone around them he should get the fruit. And

shiva had to oblige by giving him the fruit, in the meantime,

Parvathi and the saint naradha both bless him for his wit and intelligence.

In the meantime our muruga arrives after a world tour in a jiffy,

He asks the saint about the fruit, as he has finished the round first, but lord shiva explains that the elder son has come first and got the fruit to which skanda is very angry,

Muruga feels cheated and says pillaiyar did not circle around the world like I did.

So very angry he walks away and any amount of his parents begging him to stay back he keeps going away to make a world of his own.

The tamil saint avvai patti tries to pacify muruga saying you are the fruit of the lord and why are you longing for the simple fruit, when you are the fruit of knowledge and you have been blessed with foresight and all power embodied why should you be angry, you should be with your parents, but muruga refuses to return but goes ahead searching of a hill for himself.

In the meantime idumban the arakkan was commanded by agasthiya munivar to bring these two mountains to the south, near podhigai so he carried the shakthi giri and shivagiri like a palenquinn and makes his way down south, he feels very tired

His load becomes too heavy near pazhani and he tries to unload them on to the land to take a little rest,

after a while when he picks up the mountains shakthigiri is easy to carry but the other mountain refuses to budge and he has a severe shoulder pain, in lifting the mountain all in vain,

Lord muruga like this mountain of shivagiri and plans to make it his abode and live there as palani avatar,

The lords and devas all bless him for his new avatar and abode.

What do we learn here children it is a matter of meticulous planning and lord muruga is the lord to serve the world and so he went around the world and never restricted himself to think of only his parents but for the benefit of the human life, so he gave up all materialistic passions and started to stand like a hermit.

Even this day the panjamritham of palani after the abhisheka is said to be very very tasty

The statue of palani murugan has many medicinal values too…so when human pray to him he comes immediately on his peacock to save them from calamity…

All pictures taken from and i do not hold any copyright or any right over it. Just brought this here for children who cannot read in tamil. I have done the translation into English here…sunkan