Unity is Stength!!!

Hi Kids,
I am again a kid to this Blog and so I thought of giving you some good introduction!!
I am going to narrate a story - "The Hare & the Tortoise". Have you heard this somewhere!! Lets hear it once more!!!
Once Hare and Tortoise had a challenge: who will come first in a race? The Hare ran fast and slept in the middle and tortoise walked slowly and came first.
Moral of the story: Slow & steady wins the race!!!
I am not stopping here!!
The hare called the tortoise again for a race!!
Tortoise adopted the same technique of walking steady but the hare ran and won the race!!!
Moral of the story : Don't think your opponent will do the mistake again!!!
There were other animals watching the race and they challenged both Hare and the Tortoise!!!
Now these two joined hands and they had a brilliant idea - While running the hare carried the tortoise and in water the tortoise carried the hare and swam!! They were so successful and were the best team ever in the forest!!! Did you like the story??? Kindly letme know!!!
Wishing you all the best for your future!!!