Annalakshmi Chennai

If you want to do a charity, and also enjoy good food, then Annalakshmi is the right place to go. Part of the bill amount goes for charity. The restaurant will not give you a posh look from outside. It looks sort of old house from the outside. But when you enter the restaurant, you will be transformed into a totally new place. It looks like as if stepping into a house where poojas are being done. With slokas or devotional music in the back ground, the large Annapurni statue just opposite to the entrace all gives you this impression. The walls too are decked with Tanjavur paintings of different gods.

The people who serve here are devotees of Swami Shantanada Saraswathi and so you might not find the regular waiters and if you are a person who have the habit of calling them waiters then you wont do it here.

When we went there for the first time on the 25th wedding anniversary of our parents, we went for the Rajya lakshmi thali (the other two thalis were Preethi Bhojan and Swarna lakshmi). We had made advance booking for the Rajya Lakshmi Thali, and were told the same goes for the Swarna Lakshmi Thali. We were informed that for more than 25 people these two thalis cannot be served. But as we were a total of 12 people, it was good for us. The food was served in silver cutlery and silver thalis. The price was Rs. 150 per thali. The Rajyalakshmi Thali is a mixture of North and South Indian dishes.

You will get some dishes that are out of the ordinary. Dishes like thayir masala idly, or vangi bhath are some special dishes of Annalakshmi that you will have to taste for sure.

What more the filter coffee is simply superb and so is the masala tea or the kesari dhoodh.

You can choose either the thalis or the ala carte menu. Annalakshmi is closed on Mondays.


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