Charlie Red Reviews

Charlie Red is the perfume that I liked the most right from the first time I got it as a gift from my husband after our engagement. It is a perfume that leaves its fragrance in the place where you have visited. The fragrance lasts long really very long. Infact, I have found the smell to linger in my dresses even after a wash not an irritating smell, but a plesant one.

Charlie Red can be worn with any type of dresses. Be it a silk saree or a casual wear. It is very much known in my famiy and friends circle that the best gift I would ever love to have is this perfume. For the past 10 years I have been using this Charlie Red and I have never have any skin irritation, (though I have felt some when using some other brands of perfumes).

Charlie Red comes in 3 different sizes and the smallest bottle costs just Rs. 150.00 and you can use that bottle for almost 2 months if just spray it once in a day. But you wont be able to stop with just spraying. You would definitely want to indulge yourself in its fragrance.