Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Another Yash Raj film that was released in the year 1995, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge this film is a great entertainer, and is viewed even by many. It created history and broke the record of Sholay. Named after the famous song of yester years, Le jayenge, le jayenge, dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge, this movie's plot revolves around a wonderful love. DDLJ, this film is known short in this name and was like a mantra in the mouths of the then teen agers. I have known people watching this movie for more than 20 times. Great entertainer, this move is.

Directed by Aditya Chopra, DDLJ is a movie that was shot in Europe and India. The cinematography is simply amazing. The camera have captured the wonderful swiss, and other places of Europe with great awe. The choreography makes every one dance and almost all the songs are peppy numbers. Loved the songs, Mehandi Lagake Rahna and Rukh Ja Oh Dil Deewane. I have made the theme music of DDLJ as one of my ringtones.

Both Sharukh and Kajol have performed their best. The on screen chemistry is simply superb.

The story line is, Sharukh is the son of a rich man in London (he have no mother so pampered a lot by his father Anupum Kher). Kajol is the eldest daughter of a middle class family. Her father Amrish Puri decides her future with his friend's son in India and she was given permission to go on a Europe tour with her friends where she meets Sharukh. The love unfolds. At the end, it all ended well.

DDLJ is worth watching.