Eden, Besant Nagar Reviews

I realised that week end have started when I got a call by around 9.30 in the night from one of my friends. She with her family had visited Eden, Besant Nagar. They had been to the Elliots beach and after a good time there, they had wanted to have a good meal and suddenly she realised my suggestion of trying out Eden, when going to the Besant Nagar beach.

She said, they missed it the first time, (inspite of me warning her), and so parked their car and walked slowly and found this restaurant in the second floor nicely hidden by tree branches. This is just near the Besant Nagar bus stand. They had to wait for almost half an hour, inspite of me telling them to make a reservation if at all they are going there, which they didnot do. She said, that was Ok and it increased our appetitie much much more.

They wanted to try all that is served, and as they were a big group of almost 10 people, (the restaurant holds only 50 people at a time), they ordered one dish of each item and also took a mexican platter. And within minutes all the plates were empty and they ordered a second helping of a few dishes like Kadai Panner, Chef's Baked Bowl, Eden's Special and Cottage Cheese Steak.

Eden's desserts were named peculiar and they also taste too good. So they all got one different vareity of the icecreams and shared it amongst themselves. With having so much of varities, she said they were surprised to see the bill. On an average, it came to Rs. 400 to Rs. 450 per head, which is quite nominal.

If you are a Veggie and if you want to take a time off on week ends, Eden Besant nagar is the best place.