Electric Car, Need of the day - An overview

A car which is the need of the day, when the petrol and diesel prices are going high up like a rocket, the three models from Reva are a boon to the Indian market. These cars are eco friendly and they give a good mileage too. These cars initially came as a super mini car the Revai Standard, will make you think of using your scooter or bike than this car (as it is costly for just two people). The exteriors of the cars are built with that technology that is used to make Formula 1 cars which have heavier bumpers.

The current two models Revai Ac and Revai Classe are made to accomodate 4 people. The inbuilt integrated power system helps in smooth driving of the vehicle. The car is capable of reaching even 80 km/h. The car runs in battery power and it gets charged in 2.5 hours to run that speed. If you want to have your battery charged fully then you have to wait for 8 hours. In general all the three variants are designed well interiorly. There is much space for the luggage. The rear seats are foldable to accomodate extra luggage.

The AC variant from Reva, which is known as Revai AC, have an effective air conditioning system, which is powered by a separate motor. For pleasurable riding experience, this car have FM stereo too.

The classe version of Reva is the latest from the brand and it is designed to lure customers, with body colour bumpers, high seating position, wide doors and adjustable head rests. This car have all those features that Reva i AC have along with carpets, floor mats and leather seats.

All the three Revai cars are fully automatic with no clutch and gears. It is very easy to handle, drive and park these cars. The car comes with Low Battery warning light, thus you wont end up stranding in the middle of the road without fuel.

Revai Standard, Revai AC, Revai Classe comes in Midnight Black, Cherry Red, Angel White, Silver Arrow, Blue Envy and Passion Yellow to choose from.