Honda Activa Reviews

Now that I have learnt two wheeler driving, I wanted to go for a two wheeler. When enquired with people, almost 90% of them asked me to go for Honda Activa. This is a vehicle meant specially for woman. With lots of storage space and different colours, this vehicle is a great hit.

When I saw a few of them riding it, especially woman, my first enquiry was to how it is and how comfortable they feel. I was told that it is slightly heavy and if you have to push it you will have to exert yourself. But thats ok, let me not take my self to that extent. And the seat is wide and so are the wheels which gives great balance. For a person like me who havenot learnt cylce driving, a vehicle with balance is atmost important.

Honda Activa, have both self start and kick start, which is built solidly and extremely reliable. It gives great mileage too according to those who owns it. The best vehicle for both short and long distance travel. This comes under family vehicle segment so.

Here I come Activa, to get you. (The price is worth the vehicle).