Internet Security Tips from Comodo

Comodo's Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Identity Online

The internet is the latest form of communication that provides connection between people. Without the proper protection though, the internet is like a wide open gate, inviting to criminals. Comodo knows the risk of having your identity online. Here are our top 5 tips to staying safe online and making sure your identity remains where it belongs- in your hands and out of the hands of criminals.

You Decide What Information to Reveal about Yourself

Your full name, place of employment, phone number, and addresses could be valuable information if placed in the wrong set of hands.

Examine Privacy and Seals

If you are on a site that asks for your personal or bank information, make sure there is a posted privacy policy in the form of a padlock seal symbol or an unbroken key (if you're using a Mac) prominently displayed.

Defend Your Computer Against Internet Attacks

Have an effective Firewall (which acts as a shield against anyone trying to gain access to your personal files) and AntiVirus software (which prevents viruses getting into the computer system and wrecking havoc on your files and documents).

Be Conscious of Web Addresses

Check the URL (web address) when entering personal information. A more secure site that uses encryption will begin with https:// instead of http://.

Look at your Credit Report

You'll be able to instantly see if someone is trying to use your ID. Your credit report lists all applications for credit and credit commitments, so any activity that is not yours will immediately show.

Make sure your ID is both protected and defended - Try Comodo's ID Theft Smart.