Kapagambal Mess

My uncle a connoisseur have talked so high of Karpagambal mess of Mylapore. Especially the Keerai vadai and the Rawa Dosai. I have been asking him for a long time to take me there, but some how it didnot happen, but when I was carrying my daughter, as their house was near the hospital where I have to deliver, we stayed there and my uncle got me the famous Keerai Vadai for me from that shop. Yes it tasted yummy.

Then after an year or so, I got an opportunity to visit it myself with my FIL who is another connoisseur. Oh I was so dissappointed by the appearance of the mess. The place though located in the heart of Mylapore, and on a main road, cannot be located that easily as the board hung in the front is not very bright and clear. This is just opposite to Bala Vidhya Bavan. When we entered Karpagambal mess, we just have entered a typical home atmosphere with a difference. You are allowed sit on stools and eat from the table.

The food tasted good it was up to the expectations. Karpagambal Mess is worth a try.