Level 4 Reviews

Level 4 is a roof top restaurant in Citi Center in Radha Krishnan Salai. The citi center is located just near the beach and so the view that this roof top gives is quite enthralling. Though they have both indoor and out door eating space, just to have the view of the bustling vehicles and to enjoy the breeze and smell from the beach, we normally prefer to eat out in the open terrace. The service is too good though some people may feel that they are pampered. The waiters simply wait on you to serve you the next item. After a busy stroll all over citi center, whether you shop or you dont shop, Level 4 gives you a place to relax and enjoy.

The food is not costly and the mocktails they serve are simply out of the world. After the walk, they were real thirst quenchers. Level 4 being a multi cuisine restaurnat, you can expect Bisibela bath as well as Choclate Brownies.

This restaurant provides halls for parties and get togethers. Level 4 is definitely a place for those who wish to spend romantic evenings.