LG KP500-Cookie Reviews

LG KP500 also known as LG Cookie is the latest arrival into India. Can we say that this phone is middle man's dream iphone. The phone features a 3 inches screen. The screen works on auto rotate accerelator feature. This helps the user to shake or rotate the phone to view the pictures or the menus either in the landscape or in the portrait form. The screen is a touch screen one and it helps in handwriting recognition. The phone comes with 48Mb inbuilt memory with memory card slot which can be expanded upto 8 GB. (Wow!!!). Cookie comes with 3.2MP camera which supports video recording also.

A Quad band phone this Cookie gives full 3.3 hours of talk time and 350 hours of talk time when fully charged. This phone is bluetooth enriched so data sharing between compatible devices is very easy. The FM Radio is enabled with Visual Radio feature which makes the user to choose what they want. The WAP 2.0 browser, allows the user to access their emails and their favourite websites with ease.

The best feature of LG Cookie is it is very thin.