LG KU 990 - Pioneer to iphone

A touch screen phone, this Viewty is introduced even before iphone was introduced. The phone comes with 5.1 MP camera which can also be used to record video. The screen is 3 inches big, The FM radio is enriched with RDS. The phone comes with 100MB internal memory which can be expanded upto 2GB (Though now there are lots of phones with even more expandable memory, this phone is regarded for its size and the camera feature). The camera of the phone takes 120 frames per second. The camera comes with dedicated button. Video recorded can be played, edited and also be used as an contact image for video calling.

The Viewty buzzes as a response to the touch one does on the screen with their fingers. The screen displays a keypad, calender (in full size) and the contacts with photos. The phone comes with a music player also.

A triband phone this Viewty comes with TV out feature. Internet can also be accessed easily using this mobile. Different messaging features are also enabled for this phone. A second camera is located in the front of the phone, for video calling purposes