Matsya Egmore

Long long ago, so long ago, we had been to this place Matsya. I am talking about 20 years back. I came to know that they have renovated the entire place and it have a seating capacity of 120 people. But the memories of having our dinner after a movie still lingers in my mind. We went for a show that started by around 3 in the after noon and so our family friend suggested that we go to Hotel Matsya in Egmore which is nearby. I was thinking oh so this should be a non - veg cum veg restaurant, but the food being good, uncle is taking us there.

But only on reaching there we found out that it is a Udipi Hotel and the name Matsya was given to it after the Macha avatar of Vishnu. We were greeted by a person wearing Maharaja dress in the entrace and once we entered we saw a big vessel with flowers floating in it. (I think they were the first to do that decoration and later it become tradition in so many places). The place was very small, and the place we got to sit (reservation was made prior), was just near the raod and untill food came, we kids had great fun watching the moving traffic.

The food we had were sort of combination of south and north Indian and everything that we tasted was well cooked and well arranged. Be it the soup sticks for the soup or the roasted pappad all came in a stylish containers. If you are a food lover, you have to visit Matsya just to know how you can treat your stomach well.