Motorola W230 Reviews

Whenever I think of a phone with basic features but with FM and music storage, I am reminded of Motorola's W230. This phone is a very handy candy bar phone, comes in black casing which gives a great appeal to this phone. If you are an adherent listener to music then this phone is the best option. With a colour display and Motortola's audio enhancing, this phone is sure to lure out all those who wish to listen to music on their go. The crystal talk technology reduces the background sounds and enhances the call clarity. As the memory can be expanded upto 2GB, non stop music for almost 9 hours once fully charged. Best gift for any one who is a music lover. As it is introduced in India too, the language settings have Hinglish and a few regional languages like Tamil, Telugu and all encrypted. The FM radio is enriched with RDS feature that allows the user to view the details of the songs played on the screen.

If you have a budget of Rs. 2500.00 then this Motorola W230 is the ideal gift.