Nokia 1200 Reviews

Nokia 1200 is the successor of Nokia 1100. This have most of the features that 1100 had, but it is enriched with more features like loud speaker, time tracker, and background noise cancellation feature. The phone can store 200 phone books unlike the 50 phone book entries of Nokia 1100. Though this phone is built to have enhanced features than Nokia 1100, it still is a very bacis mode which have lots of disadvantages.

It cannot pickup signal that easily, if you are very much inside the house. The keypad though have spaced and large keys, gets struck as the phone is quite small.

With the alarm and calender with reminder, this phone is a definite boon for those who wish to make just phone calls. This Nokia 1200 is an ideal gift for your grand pa or grand ma on their birthday or on any special occassions.