Nokia 1650 - Layman's Phone (Reviews)

It was my friend's mom's birthday and she wanted to gift her a mobile phone. But wanted to have certain features like large fonts, FM player etc. And so I suggested her Nokia 1650 and explained her the features of the mobile as follows.

Nokia 1650 is a highly sophisticated basic model colour phone. The phone is very compact and light in weight. The phone comes with one touch short key that gives acces to messaging, contact details, calender, loud speaker, flash light. The flash light is one of the useful features that comes very handy. The power saving mode feature of this phone helps in having a long talk time. Even without that the phone gives 8 hours of talk time and 420 hours of standby time. The time tracker feature is another unique feature of Nokia 1650 which allows the user to preset time in their mobile and when that time is reached, the phone cuts the call automatically.

A dual band phone this Nokia 1650 comes with 8 MB internal memory. The phone supports Polyphonic and MP3 ring tones. The phone have loud speakers also which allows the user to listen to FM radio loud and clear and also talk with their contacts. The phone supports Jumbo Fonts that makes it easier for the elderly who owns this phone. The phone comes with a calender with reminder feature.