Nokia 6300 Reviews

When Nokia 6300 mobile came into market, Nokia advertised it as the slimmest mobile phone. In a week's time, my brother got this mobile. The looks of the phone was too good. It was so thin and so slim. The phone felt very better to hold and operate. The entire casing was stainless steel and it felt great to hold. The phone have a 2Mp camera and the pictures taken using it even indoors looked great. The screen being 2 inches wide gave a great viewing experience of the photos taken. Nokia 6300 comes with 7.8 MB inbuilt memory and it came with 128MB memory card. But it can be increased upto 2GB.

Nokia 6300's camera comes with 8X digital zoom and it also have enhanced video recording, replaying and video streaming. The FM radio comes with visual radio feature. The phone book comes with 1000 contacts which is enormous. The music player is simply great and the songs can be heard using the inbuilt speaker.

The battery of this phone gives 3.5 hours of talk time and 264 hours of standby time.

Nokia 6300 is the best buy.