Nokia E90 Communicator Reviews

Those who are used to have a light weight mobile phones will definitely find Nokia E90 Communicator quite heavy as it weighs 210 gms. The phone have two screens. When in the closed position the regular phone keys and the screen are visible and when opened it looks like a mini laptop. Operating on Symbian OS 9.2 with S60 edition 3.1, Nokia E90 is sure to make a great impression for those who want to have office in their hands where ever they go.

Nokia E90 comes with all the features a high end phone has. A Music player, a media player, FM Radio all gives great listening and great video viewing experience. The user can operate the features using voice commands.Voice dialling and voice recording are easily done. This phone also supports VOiP. The camera can record both still and vidoes and the user can add videos to contacts and can avail of the video calling facilities.

For business purposes, Nokia E90 is enriched with Nokia Active Notepad, and Office Tool. The integrated GPS and Nokia Maps Application comes in handy while driving in newer terrains. A quadband phone, this also works in WCDMA so can be used all over the world. Connect to compatible devices using mini USB, USB, bluetooth and infrared. As this is enriched with 3G HSDPA, WLAN connecting to net is faster and easier.

Waiting to own this phone one day.