Preethi Coffee Maker Reviews

In all the south Indian families coffee making is considered to be an art. The right quality of coffee bean mixed and ground, the right quantity of coffee powder added to the filter, the right amount of water added to the filter, is all that required to make a good filter coffee. But if you miss the right combination, the coffee would not be touched by anyone.

For many the electric coffee makers came as a boon, and though all over the world there were many brands, Preethi was the first to introduce electric coffee makers in India. It just came as a boon to many new weds.

When we got Preethi mixer it came as a combi offer. And I used it and got real good name from my family as they all are connoisseurs in coffee drinking. A big pat on my back for making their morning bright. It was very easy to use and easy to clean too. So every other morning the aroma of fresh filter coffee lingers all around our house.

Though this is of one litre capacity, one can get decoction as per their need. Just fill the water up the mark that is needed, and put the coffee powder in the upper cup and switch it on. And lo in a few mins you get steaming hot decoction. Just mix it with milk and sugar to get great filter coffee at any time of the day. Preethi Electric Coffee Filter will definitely make your day the best.