Radha and Krishna

Whenever we think of love, it can be easily associated with Radha and Krishna. Radha's love towards Krishna is totally unbound. She never asked anything from him in return It was unconditional love. She was with him always and he was also with her always. Even though all the other Gopikas felt him to be with them, but Krishna was physically and mentally present only with Radha. The love, they both had cannot be described by words.

They never get married, but when Krishna had to leave for Mathura to kill Kamsa, she bade him good bye with whole heart and for her that love, she was given a boon by Krishna. He told her, that we are not married now, but in Kaliyug, we will be married for so many times. People will do Radha Kalyanam and those who does that or participate in that or who listen to that, will be blessed with immense love and affection.

When we celebrated our parent's 60th birthday, last October, we did this Radha Kalyanam and we all were mesmerised by that. The vibration we felt was too great. Here are some photos of Radha Krishnan that I liked very much.