Rasam - Kongunadu restaurant

In this world of fast food and junk food, one craves for variety of food items. The food that people crave for ranges from different type of cuisines and also different type of food varieties. The recipes that have been made for 1000s of years but due to change of culture, have become extinct are those that give us rich taste, satisfied eating and also strength to our body and mind. These food never gives us any ill effects. Kongunadu cuisines are always very healthy because they use less oil and less spice.

Having born and bought up in Gobi Chettipalayam, and got married in Sathyamangalam, my grandma uses a dash of this Kongunadu cooking in almost all her recipes. This gives a special taste to the food that is prepared. But some of the Kongunadu recipes have been forgotten by many. And here comes a place in Chennai - Purasalwakkam, a place known for bustling crowd and busy shops. This restaurant named Rasam is started by the Krishna Sweets, and of course, this restaurant is located on top of the Purasalwakkam branch of Krishna Sweets, opposite to Dharmaprakash Kalyana Mandapam. The entire place is reformed from a old Bunglow, and when we just imagine, we can see the Zamindars and Zamindarinis stepping out from a chariot. Just my imagination.

The food is served in copper vessels. And the menu card have varities that we would not have heard of; items like Vethalai Poondu Saadam, Karupatti Halwa or Tulasi vadai are the names that we had not heard of, but these you can enjoy at Rasam. These items are available in the dinner menu. If you had to go for lunch, then there are only two choices to choose from, Regular Thali and Special Thali. The side dishes have a great aroma, especially the Kai Salna that comes with the Ragi Idiyappam. The special aroma is the essence of the groundnut paste that is added to the recipe.

If you want to go for a different variety of cuisine, step into this Rasam authenticated Kongunadu cusine vegetarian restaurant in Purasalwakkam.