Rice Cookers - A must in every house hold

It have become a need for every household to have an electric rice cookers in today's world. Even with a four burner stove and a microwave, it is a very useful appliance in the kitchen, especially when you have guests and you need to serve rice hot. The rice cookers are basically meant to cook just plain rice or seasoned rice or pulav varieties, but now there are lots of other dishes can also be made using this, right from the good old Pal Paayasam to Carrot Halwa. The cooker automatically switches itself to warm mode once the cooking is over and thus you need not be worried of keeping in mind that you are cooking rice and there is no need to worry of burning the rice or blowing off the cooker. There are different sizes and different models of rice cookers to choose from. For a bachelor or a small family 3 litre rice cooker is enough, for bigger families, there are cookers that can cook even 10 cups of rice at one shot. The 3 litre rice cookers are handy even to carry while travelling.

It is better to go for anodized coated vessel accessoried rice cooker, than the regular ones, which helps in easy cleaning, though they are bit costlier. But if you have the habit of cleaning it regularly then the aluminium vessel will do.

The recent models of rice cookers comes with different modes to set for cooking different items. The rice cookers comes with attachments for cooking dal, steaming vegetables etc. Some even comes with a holder to hold the scoop.