Sahib Sindh Sultan, Banjara Hills Reviews

Our trip to Hyderabad became memorable due to so many reasons. And one of the reason is this theme restaurant. Our friend was so insistent that they wanted to take us to a restaurant, which is very unique. We were so apprehensive about the food. But everything turned out to be too good.

Sahib Sindh Sultan is a restaurant in the City Mall in Banjara Hills. When we entered into the restaurant, we had a feel that we have entered into a railway station. The entire restaurant was designed as a British Era railway station with a train bogie. You will be seated in the bogie and served food. The bogie rests on a track and the ceiling is painted with stars to give you the effect of real sky. The platform or the waiting area have seats like that of a railway platform and it also have a bell, a station master, a old railway map and a old model telephone. You can hear the announcements of incoming and outgoing trains and the ringing of the bell by the station master from time to time.

Sahib Sindh Sultan are the three locomotives that pulled the first train bogies in India, and this restaurant is named after them. So this justifies the theme of the restaurant. These details are given in the first page of the menu card and while waiting for the food you have ordered you can read them. The bogie also have the effect of British trains. With a over head luggage rack decked with boxes and hats.

If you are going with a large number of people you wont be dissappointed in not tasting any particular item, because, every thing that is served is sumptous and you will get a good portion of that which is served. Sahib Sindh Sultan is a veg cum non-veg restaurant, and it is a great place for mini parties or get togethers.

Dont miss visiting this place when you go to Hyderabad next time.