Seagate Free Agent Desktop External Hdd 1Tb Reviews

Me a music lover have downloaded lots of songs both from the internet and have copied some from friends and family. Though I won a laptop I dont want to put everything in it and reduce my memory capacity. Then I was told of the external memorys and I got two 2 GB pen drives. But still those were not enough.
Had been searching for a device that can store large number of photos songs and even some of my favourite moviews. The normal pendrives can store up to a maximum of only 16 GB, but I was so fascinated by this device when I saw it in an online store. And on a small research into the product site I found out that it is the latest external storage Device from Seagate. Free Agent DeskTop External HDD with a storage capacity of 1TB. The company gives full 5 year warranty. All you need is simply plug and play. Compatible with Windows.

I am saving hard to get this Seagate Free Agent Desktop External HDD 1TB.


* Interface: USB 2.0
* O/S PC: Windows Vista, XP Home or Professional Edition, or Windows 2000
* O/S Mac: Power PC G3, G4, or G5 processor OS X 10.3.9 (or higher), or
* Intel Core Duo or Core Solo processor running OS X 10.4.6 (or higher)
* Drive is formatted NTFS, you will need to reformat for Mac using Disk Utility

You wont want to miss it, if you too were looking for an External Storage Device.