Nokia 3120 Classic Reviews

Candy bar phone that comes in 3 different colours (but I like that Burgundy Brown very much) is enriched with a vareity of features. Nokia 3120 is one of the models from the classic series of Nokia. The phone is a 3G enriched one with 2 inches screen and zoom enriched 2MP camera. I liked the curved edges of the phone. The keys of the keypad is well spaced and this phone is very light in weight and is easy to use. Being a quad band phone, this phone can be used all over the world. The phone is also enriched with a secondary camera and as this is a 3G phone one can use this for video streaming, video conferencing etc.

Connect Nokia 3120 with the PC using the USB cable and if your PC or Laptop is Bluetooth enabled then connect it using bluetooth. The phone comes with a media player and the songs can be listened through blue tooth headset. The phone's memory is 24MB and it can be expandable up to 8 GB. Micro SD cards are usable.

The various menus and features can be activated using voice commands. Battery gives 4 hours of talk time. The web can be browsed easily as this phone is enabled with GPRS and EDGE.