The classy iPod Classic 160GB

The iPod classic which have a storage capacity of 160GB is what I would like to go for, if at all I am buying an iPod. The reasons are many. I have summarized a few. It is the 5th generation hard drive MP3 or rather to say MP4 player from iPod. This is classified under the iPod Classic, which also have 80GB storage too. There are two colour variants in this and I would rather go for the black than the silver (as dirt and dust will be easily visible in silver).

This iPod 160 GB Classic looks quite glossy and it is quite thin too. The menu of this iPod is revamped and it displays the selections on the right and a picture co-related to it on the left. This player supports video and music playback and one can view the photos, listen to pod casts and play games too.

The video formats that this iPod Classic 160GB supports are many and one can view the videos at 30 frames per second. If you have paused or even shut off the iPod, then when you want to resume, it starts from that place where you have stopped, thus making you not rewinding or forwarding to that particular scene where you have left. What more, it gives subtitiles which can be switched on or off as and when needed. Choose the songs, videos at random by activating the shuffle or switching off the shuffle. This comes inbuilt with 3 video games. One can manually edit or delete music and video files. The video playback on the 2.5 inches screen is a real great experience. The battery gives almost 40 hours of music playback and 7 hours of video playback which is absolutely great.

All these features have made me think that if at all I am purchasing an iPod, I am going for only iPod Classic 160 GB. So far which is the highest. But if something else with more memory capacity and more enhance features comes, then I have to rethink of my option.