How to make people feel special

There are few things which make every one feel very special.

By remembering names.

Yes, people whom you have met before or met recently or meeting just now, feel very special, when you address them using their names.

We can say what is there in the name?
But for every one, their name is so special. If you address them by their names, then it makes a closer bond.

Calling a person by their name brings in friendliness and it also helps in initiating conversation.

It brings in openness when you meet the next time.

Tips to remember names:
1. Give complete attention
2. Repeat their names after introduction
3. Make eye contact while being introduced.
4. Use the name as often as possible during conversation.

Listening to others:

Listening is an art. Be it young or old, every one loves that person, who listens to them. Just dont keep listening or keep nodding your head while listening or do any other thing while listening. Give your full attention and answer them when and where needed.


If the person is a relative or a close friend, ask them about their family. Ask them about their hobbies. If they are good at any profession ask them to teach that profession. Complimenting a person makes them feel so special.


Give every one your best smile. Smile radiates every where. It brings in good feeling for self and also others.

Be helpful:

Help them even without being asked for.